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Wood pellets are a renewable biomass fuel that does not generate any harmful emissions when burned. No additional chemicals are used in the production of pellets. The process of forming granules occurs due to the biopolymer contained in the wood — lignin. Under the influence of temperature and pressure, it sticks cellulose particles together.


The company offers

6 mm fuel pellets.

Big Bag or soft container packaging.

The shipment is carried out by road.

Packing in 15 kg bags, stacked on a wooden pallet (65 bags with stretch film wrapping). Total weight of granules: 975 kg. Pallet size: 115×90 cm.

Upon client’s request, it is possible to change the amount of cargo on the pallet, make an individual design of the packing bag.

We make50 000tons per year

Pellet characteristics

  1. Diameter: 6 mm.
  2. Length: 5 to 40 mm.
  3. Calorific value: 5.0 kWh/kg.
  4. Mechanical strength: 98%.
  5. Ash content: 0,5%.
  6. Bulk density: 670 kg/m³.
  7. Humidity: 7—9%.
  8. Sulfur content: 0,007%.
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FSC certificate
ENplus certificate
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To obtain biomass, Biolesinvest LLC purchases only FSC-certified timber from
local licensed loggers. The raw material is high-quality healthy coniferous wood,
which is not in demand in sawmilling (thin-gauge, bent logs).
All wood goes through a process of debarking before shredding
to obtain clean technological chips.


About company

In 2020, a biofuel plant for the production of premium wood pellets
with a capacity of 50 thousand tons per year was launched in the
urban-type settlement Nagorsk in the Kirov region.

The design and construction of the enterprise was carried out according
to the Greenfield type. The design solutions include the technology for
producing «white» pellets with low ash content.

The automatic packaging line allows to pack pellets into 15 kg bags
and form Euro pallets on a wooden pallet. It is also possible
to ship pellets in Big Bags.

Our manufacture

To achieve high quality of finished products, the plant is equipped
with machinery from leading European manufacturers.

Costruzioni Nazzareno
Main technological line
produced by Costruzioni
Nazzareno, Italy.
Low-temperature belt
drying chamber manufactured
by Muhlbock, Austria.
Pellet presses and equipment
for wood shredding from
CPM, Holland.
Boiler equipment from
Geyser, Russia.

All technological processes at the enterprise are automated.
The factory control laboratory allows to carry out all the necessary tests
according to the European quality standard ENplus.

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